Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace

Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace
Any time your users visit a website or open an email attachment, they could be opening the door to a data breach. Today's cyber attacks increasingly take advantage of the routine, day-to-day tasks of users to infiltrate networks and steal sensitive data. To protect your organization, your endpoint security strategy must include prevention of these subversive attacks.
Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace takes a new approach to malware prevention. It is designed to protect your data and users from all untrusted content - even advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day exploits.
  • Containment: Launches highly targeted applications in a contained virtual environment
  • Detection: Uses behavior-based malware identification to detect any malicious behavior
  • Prevention: Stops malware, disposes of the tainted environment and restores a new, secure environment within 20 seconds

Comprehensive protection
DDP | Protected Workspace seamlessly contains the most highly targeted applications in your network (for example, the web browser, PDF reader and Microsoft office applications) in a virtualized environment, preventing malware from attacking the host operating system. Unlike other solutions, DDP | Protected Workspace does not rely on malware signatures for detection. Instead, it automatically identifies malware attacks based on behaviors and actions inside the contained environment. As a result, DDP | Protected Workspace can detect and thwart both known and zero-day attacks in real time.

Easy to activate and use
A one-year subscription to DDP | Protected Workspace software is included on select Dell Precision, Latitude and OptiPlex systems. Once the software is activated, it automatically begins moving your user's applications into a contained, virtual environment. If DDP | Protected Workspace detects a malware attack, it quickly restores the system to a pristine state without the need for time-consuming desktop reimaging. At the end of the first year, simply contact your Dell sales rep to extend your malware protection.

Minimize impact on end-user productivity
DDP | Protected Workspace moves highly targeted applications into a new, secure environment in a transparent way for your users. There are no new applications to learn. Users can still browse with their preferred web browsers and use the trusted Adobe Acrobat PDF reader and Microsoft Office suite - the main difference is that now they will do so securely.

Behind DDP | Protected Workspace
The Invincea technology that powers DDP | Protected Workspace was borne out of a project for advanced endpoint protection funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). After a yearlong review of the technology, the US National Security Agency found it to be effective against any malware threats encountered.

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